Your support makes a difference…

Our Parishes, like all are struggling financially at the moment, we rely on the generosity of our parishioners to not only keep vital day to day parish functions going but to grow our community of friends and welcome those passing through…
There are many ways in which you can support your parish:
* by a weekly envelope
* by a monthly standing order
* by an annual subscription
* by the collection at the church service

‘Structured Giving’ through standing order or the envelope system is encouraged, as it is more beneficial to both you and the parish. For contributions of €250 per year from individuals (PAYE and Self-Assessed) the parish, as a registered charity, can avail of and benefit from tax rebates.
Tax relief is to be given at a blended rate of 31% to all tax payers regardless of their marginal rate.
The Parish will issue you with an annual receipt and a form which will enable the parish to recoup the tax on the amount of your donation.
This means that a gift of €250 is actually worth €362.32 and a gift of  €1,000 is worth €1,449.28 to the parish.
We are very grateful to all those parishioners who participate in this scheme – it means a lot to us in terms of our annual budget

Become a Donor
You can make a donation for any amount to Donnybrook Church or to Irishtown Church. Email us if you would like to make a donation by cheque or by cash. Donations can be one-off, or continue over an agreed period of time.

Legacy Giving
If you would like to consider supporting our work through a legacy please contact the Parish Office. We would be honoured to assist you in planning a gift that will benefit both the Church and the community which it serves.
Your giving is vital for the Church and is much appreciated. Parishioner contributions are the primary source of income for the parish.

Please note that all donations are treated with the utmost confidentiality

thank you